Great for Kinesiologists

and their clients!

A play-along adventure for a healthy body & mind

This book was created to provide simple and effective Kinesiology techniques to children everywhere, giving them easy personal development tools for a balanced life.


The techniques in the book have come directly from standard International Kinesiology practice and have been designed to enhance wellbeing by increasing energy, reducing stress, enhancing left/right brain integration and mental alertness, as well as improving co-ordination, comprehension and focus.


By having children follow the actions of the Adventuroos, they will be performing the Kinesiology techniques on themselves, the same way a Kinesiologist would take a client through the techniques in a session.


I encourage parents, carers and educators to take children on this little adventure every morning for at least 21 days (and beyond), ensuring children perform each technique slowly and deliberately for the best results. Feel free to join in the fun, you may as well benefit from the adventure too!

 In the back of the book

you will find a handy reference that provides more detail on the techniques and their benefits to participants.


Feel free to review these

techniques before reading the

story to your children so you

can help them along

the way.



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A fun way to read and play-along with your kids to enhance their learning and development.


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