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While everyone’s experience with Kinesiology will be different, it’s nice to be assured that I have delivered genuinely life-changing treatment for many of my clients.


Here are some comments from those happy to share their story.

Eileen, Medical Practice Manager

Kate’s professionalism, techniques and sincerity have brought great change to the way I live my life.


The goals we developed together have been fulfilled 100% and I intend to work more with Kate once this disruptive (Covid-19) period is over.


Thank you Kate for the incredible changes you have facilitated in my life and especially for your genuine care and interest in my wellbeing. Your techniques are deceptively effective!

Louise, Mother of Two

Kate's treatments are wonderful for our family.


Her calm, warm, supportive, informed, respectful and friendly manner is perfect for children and adults alike. 

Our children love seeing Kate. They want to visit her every week! We have seen an obvious improvement in our children's immune systems and energy levels since starting Kinesiology sessions.


Kate has shown us easy and fun strategies that we can use to centre emotions, boost energy and improve harmony in relationships at home and school. 


Her treatments are incredibly helpful to me as a mum. I had not experienced Kinesiology before meeting Kate, but now I know the immediate effect of her work. After each session, I am more balanced and energised. 


I feel very lucky to have met Kate!

Angela, Mother of Three

I recently took my 3 year old son to see Kate. He was having separation anxiety which presented with a lot of anger. He was also having frequent colds and coughs. 


Kate was very warm and engaging with my son and was able to work effectively with him because of this. She tailored the kinesiology treatment to suit his mood on the day and connected with him easily. 


We saw immediate results with his anxiety, the very next day in fact. A screaming tantrum which would last from waking till drop off at daycare became nothing more than a whimper.  He started to recover from his cough and cold very quickly, with a small relapse a couple of weeks later and then no cold or cough since. 


Kate is a very friendly, professional and knowledgeable kinesiologist who works with children with ease. I have and will continue to recommend her to friends, both for themselves and their children, whatever the issue may be. 

John, IT Specialist

After struggling with chronic pain and obesity for years, I approached Kate as an alternative to traditional methods that hadn’t worked.

Kate is incredibly intuitive and skilled - With each session I felt more energised, confident, and focused.

I have lost over 20kgs and have been pain free.

I would definitely recommend Kate to anyone looking to improve their physical and mental well being! 

Gina, Acupuncturist

Kate is an extraordinary practitioner who deeply understands the needs of her patients and has a unique ability to guide you through a beautiful journey of self healing.


Her intuitive skills are remarkable and she is a true inspiration for anyone wishing to gain insight into themselves and how they can shift their mindset!

Yvonne, High School Teacher & Mother

I honestly didn’t know what to expect or what the outcome would be but went with an open-mind.Kate brought to my awareness the core reason why I have been holding onto a lot of self-doubt and low self-esteem, which made me want to drink a lot. Having this ‘blockage’ cleared from me I am now able to be more confident in myself at work, and in my relationships.


I’ve had four sessions now with Kate and I cannot rave enough about the value of kinesiology. She has a gentleness that makes you feel at ease with her, and the ability to help you to love yourself.It really is life transforming. All I can say is just give it a go.

Josie, Producer

I'd been unaware that my mental state was affecting my physical state, and vice versa. It was a huge relief when Kate helped me pinpoint the aspects of my life that I needed to focus on and resolve. It was empowering.


I am now able to process thoughts that I was previously afraid to confront, and overall feel more positive and energised.


Kate is very considerate and calm, and I feel that she transfers some of her wisdom and calmness every time we have a session, and I am so grateful.


Kinesiology has had a very positive impact on my life.

Lexi, Physiotherapist

Working with Kate helped me understand the root causes of some of the issues I was facing in life. It was interesting to see how certain problems correlated with muscular pain I was experiencing as well.


It was a very emotional experience (but I'm also an emotional person) however at the end of each session I felt more and more confident. I also felt relief, as she had given me tools to help alleviate the stress associated with my mental illness.I would definitely recommend Kate to anyone looking for alternative solutions to existing ailments whether they be emotional or physical.

Alessandra, Business Owner

I had chronic pain in my shoulders for around 20 years and none of the treatments I had seemed to work.


After our first session I already noticed a great improvement, and the pain was completely gone after the second.


I wish everyone knew how amazing kinesiology is – now not only is my physical pain is gone but I also feel so much better and healthier mentally - Thank you!

Josephine, Photographer

I was having trouble conceiving and decided to try kinesiology as a non-invasive form of treatment.I wasn't really sure what to expect, but it helped me uncover fear and stress that I was feeling. All these emotions had affected my health, sleeping patterns and muscle tension.Kate helped me to re-balance myself emotionally and physically, and ease the burden. I was surprised to discover how just a few sessions could have such an effective and positive impact, with no medication.


I'd recommend Kate to anyone.

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