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Let's focus on you.

You can work with me in a single session, or make a further commitment to yourself and your personal growth by investing in a package.


All sessions are tailored specifically to you and your unique experiences.

I provide all clients with tools and support specific to their needs based on the outcome of each session.



It's time to invest in yourself.


Kinesiology sessions are a true investment in your health and wellness. 

One session can make a difference, a tailored package can change your life.


Tailored packages include:

Professional coaching, goal setting, and support

Balancing of energetic and nervous systems to relieve stress and anxiety

Nutritional support including food testing and optional supplementation

Take-home balancing and nurturing tools




As a Mum, I know how important my health, energy and clarity is - not only for my wellbeing, but that of my family and loved ones. 

My Super-Mum Support Package has been designed to nurture Mums of all ages and stages of motherhood.


With a focus on emotional energy enhancement, stress clearing and nutritional support; this package is particularly well suited to mothers with post-natal depression or depletion and helps alleviate 'baby-brain' and improve overall mood and clarity.


Includes 3x 60 min Sessions @ 10% discount




Having worked in both the corporate and agency landscape for over 10 years, I know how important it is to manage stress and create balance between work, home and life.


The Super-Career Support Package is performance and stress management focused, helping you to create Life-Balance (not Work/Life Balance) by facilitating personal empowerment, clearing unnecessary emotional attachments to work and enhancing energy, clarity and productivity.


Includes 3x 60 min Sessions @ 10% discount




School and University life is growing ever more stressful, taking the joy and efficacy out of learning.


The Super-Student Support Package focuses on alleviating classroom and social stresses and empowering young minds to own their thoughts and feelings.


The sessions also include cognitive enhancement, brain integration and productivity techniques more suited to children, teenagers and young adults; providing them with tools they can use to improve learning ability both at home and at school.


Includes 3x 60 min Sessions @ 10% discount


Children respond particularly well to Kinesiology.


I can work with you and your child to overcome learning and behavioural difficulties, and work through issues they may not be able to connect with or resolve at this stage in their lives.


I have also developed early education self-mastery programs which are currently being piloted in childcare centres and primary schools in Sydney. Feel free to contact me for more information.


Please note, all sessions with children under 16 must have a trusted adult in attendance.

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